NIKON D750 – Unchained

NIKON D750 – Unchained


In 2014, we received a request for a video and photo production for Nikon in Berlin. The goal was to put the new Nikon D750 into the spotlight together with the Red Bull sports photographer Ray Demski.

Our athlete Lucas Wilson was already in the midst of the pre-production process, accompanied and advised the production team at locationscoutings and in meetings with the photographer.

On two days of fitting and a new location check with Red Bull athlete and Ashigaru founder Jason Paul, followed a 2-day shooting, partly over 14 hours from sunrise and sunset. Sounds as stressful as it is – but even after 14 hours of action shooting, our athletes still never fail to deliver.

As always, we keep it brief, present the results and are proud to be part of interesting jobs with great people, whose interaction and work at the end of the day produces wonderful results:


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