We are Ashigaru - Parkour & Freerunning. Since 2006 we helped growing this sport and still have an essential impact on it. Many of the best and most experienced German-speaking athletes constitute our team and together we are keen on pushing boundaries - in regard to our athletic as well as our professional accomplishments. This includes show performances for renowned clients, stunts for movie productions and sports modeling for international campaigns. As a young agency we develop and put into practise thrilling projects and supply outstanding athletes that suit your project - be it live-performances, movies or advertisement. It is our passion is to fascinate through movement and confer the dynamic power and aesthetics of our sport onto products and brands. We dare to go fresh and creative paths once more.  

Deichmann TV Spot

Together  with the agencies Czar and Freistil, we supplied three of our most experienced athletes  for the shoe manufacturer Deichmann. The trio spent 8 adventurous days in the beautiful Barcelona, with their good friend Felix Quinton, to shoot the commercial. The "Deichmann Streetstyle Image Spot" for autumn 2014 featured besides Parkour and Freerunning  also Breakdance and Dance  scenes and follows a fresh approach  to present the brand. Team spirit  was the main theme in the commercial and inforces the motto "because brands are invincible". We are very happy about the result  and proud to be  represented in German TV  with two Ashigaru athletes at the same time. Here is the 1-minute version of the commercial:

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Audi Kitzrace

The Streif (or the Hahnenkamm-race) is a household name for every skiing fan. We were in Kitzbühel at the event and had the honour to fascinate the special guests at the soiree after the race with our very own passion Parkour & Freerunning. As the motto for the event was "The great gatsby", our athletes performed in the style of the 20s - with smoking and bow tie of course. It was blast for us to watch the spectacular race on the afternoon and especially to introduce our own sport to these sport-enthusiastics. The british actor Luke Evans, who was among the spectators (among others, as Arnold Schwarzenegger), took his time to congratulate on our performance and ask us some questions about Parkour. You can see little edit of our show here:  

NIKON D750 – Unchained

  In 2014, we received a request for a video and photo production for Nikon in Berlin. The goal was to put the new Nikon D750 into the spotlight together with the Red Bull sports photographer Ray Demski. Our athlete Lucas Wilson was already in the midst of the pre-production process, accompanied and advised the production team at locationscoutings and in meetings with the photographer. On two days of fitting and a new location check with Red Bull athlete and Ashigaru founder Jason Paul, followed a 2-day shooting, partly over 14 hours from sunrise and sunset. Sounds as stressful as it is - but even after 14 hours of action shooting, our athletes still never fail to deliver. As always, we keep it brief, present the results and are proud to be part of interesting jobs with great people, whose interaction and work at the end of the day produces wonderful results:  

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