Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games


Client: Guerrilla Games

Type of project: Motion Capture

As an Europe-wide casting-call for MotionCapture attracted the attention of the Parkour scene and was looking for a powerful, fast and elegant character, our athlete Benni Grams was able to convince Guerrilla Games’ producers with his extraordinary abilities. Benni becomes the main Game Charakter “Aloy” in Horizon Zero Dawn. In the well-known film studio “Audiomotion Studios” in Oxford, he brings the character to life with his powerful, fast and precise movements. With several sensors on the body his movements were recorded and thus digitized. Now, the digitized version of Benni Grams captivates millions of players worldwide and takes them through the world of Zero Dawn.


Horizon Zero Dawn has won the Best Original Game award at the Game Critics Awards and 2016 the Gamescom Award in the Best Preview category.

Here are some excerpts from the game:


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