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Parkour Show for FC Bayern Basketball and Audi

The second home match of the FC Bayern Basketball against ALBA Berlin took place in the Audi Dome in Munich, on Sunday the 16th octobre 2016. Our athletes Marc, Benni, Andi, Endijs, Matthias and Raffi were there and performed a spectacular halftime show. Its goal was to draw attention on the new Audi Q2 and of course to entertain the crowd. With 9000 sports-mad people on the tribunes, our performance was rewarded with a hell of an atmosphere, cheering and pure fun for our athletes.
Our cameraman Alex Kehrwald caught a few glimpses of the spectacle. You can see the video her:

Beteiligte Athleten

Benjamin GramsAndreas WöhleEndijs MiscenkoMarc BuschMatthias MayerRaffael DebattinAlex Kehrwald