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Audi Kitzrace

The Streif (or the Hahnenkamm-race) is a household name for every skiing fan. We were in Kitzbühel at the event and had the honour to fascinate the special guests at the soiree after the race with our very own passion Parkour & Freerunning.

As the motto for the event was “The great gatsby”, our athletes performed in the style of the 20s – with smoking and bow tie of course. It was blast for us to watch the spectacular race on the afternoon and especially to introduce our own sport to these sport-enthusiastics. The british actor Luke Evans, who was among the spectators (among others, as Arnold Schwarzenegger), took his time to congratulate on our performance and ask us some questions about Parkour.

You can see little edit of our show here:


Beteiligte Athleten

Enis MaslicPascal BuebBenjamin GramsAndreas WöhleJulian WürzlerLucas WilsonMarc BuschMatthias Mayer